The Dreaded Doctor Visit

So I just got back from the doctor. She was running half an hour late, so it took AAAAGES. But worth the wait as I love my doctor. 😉

Anyway, the results came back and *drumroll please*




This is such awesomely amazing news, that I nearly didn’t hear the rest of it…

As it turns out, I have reactive hypoglycemia, low white blood cells, and HYPOTHYROIDISM!


I guess this means that my previous high weight actually had an excuse!  I have to go back to have further blood work in a couple of weeks just to verify things, but as soon as they verify it, I’ll have to take a pill for the rest of my life.

The white blood cell thing also explains why I’ve been sick so often.

It’s good to finally have some answers. And now I can go back to having the occasional piece of dark chocolate! Huzzah!

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