Slim Fast

What They Say: “It works quite simply. Every day you have two delicious Slim.Fast meals instead of your normal meals, this could be breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and your evening meal. For your third meal you can enjoy a tasty, balanced recipe from our Slim.Fast Plan. What’s more you can have up to three snacks a day to help you keep cheerful between meals.” – from

My Experience: Milkshakes for breakfast! Every twelve year old’s dream! And my twelve year old self certainly indulged. In fact, the diet was SO enjoyable that I enjoyed it several times per day!  If all you need is two shakes a day to lose weight, then certainly six or seven shakes would take the weight off faster! At least that was my logic.

My mother had moderately better success, sticking religiously to her two shakes per day. Where she was really let down was with that third meal. There was no “Slim.Fast.Plan” when we did the diet. We were simply told to eat a “sensible” meal. And what could be more sensible than a couple of Big Macs and fries from Mickey Ds?

ISMe Rating: 2/10 – not enough rules, not enough results!