Pills & Potions

My Experience: A different kettle of fish all together. This is not a diet, but a crutch.  A “lose weight fast” fad which millions and billions of people fall for year after year. I’ve tried them. You’ve tried them. And neither of us lost the weight we’d hoped.  There were pills that promised more energy. I wound up in hospital at 20 years old thinking I was having a heart attack and about to die. There were pills that swore you would not absorb fat. I needed adult diapers to battle the horrific diarrhea that I had CONSTANTLY. There were the pills that promised to curb your appetite. They just plain didn’t work.

My mother was given weight loss drugs when she was a teenager and developed a dependency.  My friend’s mother used Fen Phen and suffered severe heart problems in later life.  My housemate mixed ephedrine with wine and almost died. Pills are nasty business. There is no medicine to cure obesity. And if there ever is one, I can guarantee you won’t find it on a shelf at Wal Mart, but carefully prescribed by doctors.