Oh Me, Oh My

Wow. My original plan for today was to get up and do a yoga DVD or some other exercise with my husband. Since I have the day off from C25K, I figured that keeping fit in some other way would be useful. I didn’t count on waking up feeling like my whole body had been beaten with a big stick!

In my case, the moniker “Couch to 5K” is particularly apropos. I literally haven’t done any exercise in months. It’s a shame, as I realise that if I’d done more along the way, my weight would be even lower by now. But I didn’t. And since I can’t change the past, I am looking to change the future!

Anyway, whenever a new exercise regime is established, I do think it’s important to start slowly and build up in case you either injure yourself or become overwhelmed. I thought I’d be okay with a bit of yoga, as it’s low impact. But in the end, I just decided to have today as an “off” day.

This evening I have an appointment with my GP to discuss the results of a blood test I had done recently. I’m trying to establish once and for all whether or not I am diabetic. If I am, there are things I need to be doing. If I’m not, I get to have an occasional piece of chocolate! 🙂

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