Grapefruit Diet

What They Say: “Providing no more than 800 calories a day, the grapefruit diet menu involved eating lots of ‘fat-burning’ grapefruit to kick-start your metabolism, as much black coffee as you liked, some daily protein (mainly boiled eggs) and the odd piece of dry toast.” – from

My Experience: As a girl who doesn’t like grapefruit AT ALL, doing a diet where grapefruit is the main staple seemed like a bit of a loss to start! But I was assured that this is the way all the Hollywood starlets lost their excess weight. Fundamentally, one must agree to have a glass of grapefruit juice and/or half a grapefruit with EVERY meal. The logic is that the grapefruit burns fat or helps digestion or does something which means that you don’t digest food in the same way.  In all seriousness, I did lose about 7 lbs on this diet, but I suspect it had more to do with grapefruit aversion meaning I dreaded meal time and refused to eat!

ISMe Rating: 3/10 – perhaps it works, but I’ll never know as I STILL don’t like grapefruit!