Friday Pros and Cons

I haven’t done Ps and Cs in quite a while, so I figured I’d go ahead and stick some in today!


* I have become irrevocably re-addicted to Dr Pepper
* I don’t drink NEARLY enough water anymore
* I’m feeling really lousy about my looks lately due mostly to the state of my hair
* I am awaiting yet FURTHER results from the doctor regarding whether or not I’m diabetic
* I don’t have a job, though I’ve been back in the UK for over three weeks, and I’m getting antsy
* I haven’t been taking vitamins very regularly
* I’ve been eating too much junk food
* I had a recent depressive episode which I thought I’d put behind me for good. 🙁


* I have at least switched to Dr Pepper Zero, which has no sugar, fat, and negligible calories
* I am down to my medium-term goal of 170 lbs with only my major goal left to hit
* I have job interviews lined up next week, one of which looks really promising
* I’ve been migrating all of my old blog entries onto this new site and feel proud with how it’s coming along
* I am back on Dianette, a birth control which also helps my PCOS. So far no weird weight fluctuations!
* My cats are beautiful and very affectionate, which makes me feel better most days