Baby Food Diet

What They Say: “Diet and nutrition can come in small packages, even too small. Similar to portion controlled diets, the baby food diet meal plans involve jars of nutritious baby food as a healthy alternative to snacks and sometimes a meal. The jars of baby food are in controlled sizes that are convenient to use and inexpensive compared to other diet foods such as healthy snacks and diet meals.” – from

My Experience: When I was fifteen, I thought I was very clever in coming up with this diet, only to find a few years later that others had been doing it for years! Essentially my version involved eating five jars of baby food each day. I tended to stay away from strained vegetables and pureed meat in favour of things like rice pudding or vanilla pudding. I realised that baby food was incredibly lacking in calories but full of nutrients since babies had to subsist on it. I figured I could stay healthy but cut calories significantly by sticking to this highly suspect diet.  Would it have worked? I’ll never know, as after three days of eating nothing but what eventually came to taste like baby VOMIT, I was starving and ate my way through an entire super size pack of Oreos. Utter fail.

ISMe Rating: 1/10 – not recommended